Departure, at the going tide (2017) for piano trio [Premiered NZTrio. 10/17 AKL & WLG, Performed NZTrio, 08/22, World New Music Days ISCM/ACL, Christchurch NZ] 

Abstracted Isometric (of lines traced past reading) (~2019) for accordion, clarinet [Premiered Laura V Müller and Sinisa Ljubojevic impuls Festival, Graz Austria] 

That voice like yours. (2019) for clarinet, trumpet, harp, piano, double bass, percussion [unperformed]

lullaby. (2019) for brass ensemble with percussion [Commissioned SMP Ensemble, Premiered November 2019, St. Andrews on the Terrace with assistance from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Wellington]

Con/Disfigured (2018) for alto sax, e. guitar, percussion
[Premiered, Mark Menzies, Jake Church, Tomomi Johnston, Justin DeHart. 07/18 Nelson]

Interference Theory I. (2017) for Violin and Percussion with live-electronics 
[Workshopped Ensemble Go! 08/17. Premiered Hayden Nickel, Naoto Segawa 09/17 WLG]

Nàrkissos (2017) for string quartet and live electronics [Workshopped NZ String Quartet 09/17] 

Ibid. (2017) for improvised score for any ensemble [Premiered, 10/17 Pyramid Club, WLG]

Pointless Text...Scores (2018) graphic scores for ensemble [Premiered Green Room 10/18 Pyramid Club, WLG]

rabta. mafsal (2019) textile score for piccolo, violoncello and analog synthesizer [unperformed]

IN THESE FOUR WALLS WE USE OUR INSIDE VOICE (2019) for 4 performers and a midi controlled pipe organ [Nelson School of Music Cawthorn Organ -  Nelson Composers Workshop, 2019]  

untitled - “microscore”, (2019) A5, cotton thread on performed manuscript and viola [Performed, Alex Macdonald, 07/19 NCMA, Nelson]

topo; grid ref. BP33 9604 6798 (2019) for two performers, accordion and ensemble [Performed, Nick Snowball, Callum Mallett and SMP Ensemble, October 2019. Pyramid Club, WLG]

for sequence of familiar (2020) alto saxophone, trumpet, viola. graphic score. [Performed by Elliot Vaughan, Glen Downie and Vincent Brzozowski at Putangirua Pinnacles. Pyramid Club Offsite Project #2]